At Assured Conveyancing we live in your world. We know that buying or selling a property is a particularly significant event for the great majority of our clients. We know that you need to budget and that you require certainty to enable you to budget. At Assured Conveyancing we will provide you with that certainty.

A member of the assured conveyancing team

Conveyancing Fees

We guarantee that our fees will be very competitive and we will provide you with our fixed price estimate before you sell or purchase.

We also guarantee to provide you with a superior level of personalised service.

You also have the comfort of knowing that every detail of your transaction is being managed by a licensed conveyancer with over 20 years of experience. That experience ensures that your transaction is efficiently and expeditiously managed.

And remember that it costs no more to take advantage of our mobile conveyancing service.

To obtain a quotation for your conveyancing needs or to arrange an appointment simply call 02 9456 0390 or contact Assured Conveyancing